Terminate Parental Rights of Illegal Unaccompanied Minor Border-Crossers

The goings on on the Mexican border, with hordes of children rushing the American goal line and  bursting unopposed through the invisible “wall” Congress authorized and the executive branch never built, is a tragedy and scandal of far reaching magnitude. Children are being put at risk from the ravages of a the desert sun, traveling without housing and food, prey to the physical and sexual abuse of the numerous predators that inhabit the law-free gang-controlled zone between the United States and Mexico. Need we add this is also a pipeline for disease, crime and terrorism? The issue is not new, as we have commented on it here , but the non-benign neglect of President Obama is staggering in its callousness and practical viciousness.

The Camp of the Saints?

Hungarians rose and died in 1956 in part from the vain belief that the West cared about their plight and would help. Tragedy, death and retribution followed. Now the race for the border, like a scene from Jean Raspail’s 1970s futuristic, controversial novel The Camp of the Saints is being reenacted before a stunned nation’s eyes. Mobs are forming turning back busloads of “undocumented immigrants” like a scene out of The Grapes of Wrath. Where is the president’s leadership, calling a halt to this scandal? What has he done (not said) to make it clear to everyone, young and old, that his so-called Dream Act will not be hijacked and turned into a Nightmare Act by these children? Or, is the operating theme of his inaction, let no good crisis go to waste?

Backlash Inevitable

With say, 90 percent, of the young people released on their own recognisance, never returning for their hearing, is it any wonder communities are saying no to relocation camps, as the crisis generates backlash? Why should the “host” community, whose social services and infrastructure are about to be over run, go down quietly for the count? Perhaps if the host communities selected were say Boston, Cambridge, Georgetown or some other limousine liberal enclave, people might at least respect the Obama Administration’s “caring” sincerity. One can recall a liberal New York Congressman in 1970s who worked to punish a political opponent in Westchester County, NY by placing a public housing complex as inconveniently as possible in his quiet suburban neighborhood. People as pawns is an old theme among so-called do gooders. They love humanity, it is just the people they use to make their political points they don’t care about.

Terminate Parental Rights

Since there seems to be no will to send them back, one solution that might, nay would, stay the tide, is a simple one. For all unaccompanied illegal minors coming across the border, immediately terminate parental rights. Any self respecting mother or father who would subject their children to this deadly risk, so they themselves could later come to the United States on the daisy chain, is unfit. With parental rights terminated, the children could be placed in foster homes or put up for adoption. The adult incentives behind this madness would end in a heartbeat.

Will it happen? No, of course not. Because, like the “wall”, it might just work.

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