High Court Aborts HHS Contraception Mandate

The Supreme Court has deflected one of the most deadly bullets aimed at this country’s survival in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores. The legal scholars can parse the finer points and the longer term implications (as is done in part here), but the key practical points in striking down the contraception mandate are these.

What the Court Ruling in  Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores Means

1) Conscience rights, and rights of religious liberty, for individuals and corporations, are not dead. The entire Obama legacy depends on these being buried once and for all. As Thomas More could have told the justices, once conscience is removed from public life, all barriers to injustice will fall one by one.

2) The Obama and Sebelius Faustian bargain, where they were willing to see charities shutter their doors and companies drop workers’ benefits and in some cases go out of business, all to achieve their ideological driven Enlightenment agenda, was stopped. The goal of forcing the sexual ethics of David Hume on the entire population has failed. A resisting remnant remains. Like those advancing armies stopped at the gates of Moscow, the tide has turned, and the forces determined to us bad medicine to undermine good morals face a long winter retreat.

3) Just because they are in retreat, does not mean the sexual revolution lobby will not gather its forces to try and advance again. It is critical that the pressure be mainted to contain their efforts, lest they regroup and strike back. Time is not on their side, but no victory is ever certain without vigilance. Sen. Cruz has made it clear there are many Senators willing to continue the war against conscience and the battle is still joined.

Let us Drink to Conscience, First

So while toil, tears and trouble lie ahead, the reversal of Obama’s fortunes has begun.

To paraphrase John Henry Newman, “I shall drink to the United States, if you please, still, to conscience first, and to the United States afterwards.” Thankfully, in this case, the Supreme Court’s has not forced us to chose between the two.

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