Don’t Give War A Chance in Syria

Stay Out of Syrian Civil War

Let’s be honest. The triumph of the rebels in Syria will result in the slaughter and oppression of minority groups, ethnic and religious. For Christians it will mean more burning and killing, as we have already seen in Egypt. The result would be a complete disaster. And who will benefit from our siding with the rebels? The very forces of terror that have held the Mideast in bondage, with its endless cycle of violence; the very forces that threaten the peace and security of all the world through a jihad of mindless terror.

Why is Obama Poised to Launch War?

Why on earth would President Obama be so anxious support the armies allied to our terrorist enemies? Do the folks in Washington live in a parallel universe? One can only note it is uncanny how the U.S. government, when it does stir itself to go to war in the Mideast, targets the few countries (Iraq and Syria) where Christian minorities have traditionally been protected. Ditto it’s insane foreign policy in Egypt.

Is this all because Obama wants to be seen as tough, making his mark in history? Is this designed to take the spotlight away from scandals and economic uncertainty at home? Perhaps President Obama  is so obsessed with a simplistic abstract principle about the alleged weapon type, that he will disregard the complex foreign policy reality in front of him.

Uncle Sam Itching for a Fight In Syria

Sadly, it seems once again, the U.S. has an itchy trigger finger and can’t seem to mind its own business long enough to let civil wars and international disputes resolve themselves. We seem unaware that war and violence breed more of the same in this region, and our self-proclaimed record of “defensive wars” in the Middle East has been one failure after failure.

As for the argument that civilian casualties, and the use of banned weapons, demand action, one can only wonder at the civilian casualties from U.S. drone strikes, or those in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. More to the point, we need to consider the greater casualties that will result from the chaos and destruction of war, once the United States escalates it. Do we really want to institute of a policy of shooting the survivors?

Fine, rattle the saber if you must Mr. President. Give the Syrian government a good scare over its purported use of chemical weapons. (We say purported, since in this region of lies, who can be completely sure what is or isn’t a false flag operation. Remember the WMD red herring in Iraq?)

Just War Theory Call for Proportional Response to Syria

Above all, let us not forget that proportionality, as outlined in the ethics of the just war theory, demand we not cause greater harm in a military response to a genuine evil than is proportionate to the very evil itself. Since neither party in the civil war has clean hands, why do we feel compelled to give a spanking to only one side?

Let’s be clear, U.S. military involvement in this civil war would almost ceartainly light a fuse on an already primed powder keg. To think we can control the violence by more violence would be naive. This is not the time to give war a chance. Let’s stay out of this fight.

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