Trickle Down Lawlessness & Immigration

Law-as-Teacher Dead On the Mexican Border

The idea of law as a teacher has gone into disfavor. Ever since Roe v. Wade legalized abortion, the country has been on a path of “lawful” lawlessness. The “theory” advanced was that lawless behavior should be brought above ground so at least it could be safely regulated. Nonesense.

Instead, the legal sanction of immoral behavior only increased such immoral behavior. And legalizing profitable immorality always increases such immorality. (Those who want to legalize drugs on utilitarian grounds should note this. Look what has happened with pornography.)

Law as teacher has been replaced by law as panderer to human weakness. And thus the trajectory downward can be seen clearly as those who would once have been the targets of the vice squad now brazenly run for public office in New York City. Lawbreakers, sensing the signs of the time, are quick to ask the public to let them oversee the law.

Refusing to Enforce Serious Laws Undermines Law and Order

There is another twist in this eara of lawlessness. It is when those sworn to uphold the law publicly flaunt the law by not enforcing it – thus becoming a law unto themselves.

Enter President Obama. You would think that President Obama swore an oath to uphold the laws of the land – only if he likes them. If you have a problem with the new Obamacare law and you are a friend of Barrack, you get a waiver. Not a friend of Barrack? Obey or pay. The law is supposed to start on such and such a date. Well, let’s just set another date that is more politically convenient.

Ayslum Games on the Mexican Border

All laws passed in Washington these days seem to have an executive loophole giving the president discretion on whether or not he should enforced them fairly, equally and justly. And if immitation is the most sincere form of flattery, what are we to make of the suddent arrival of 200 Mexicans a day near the San Diego checkpoint requesting asylum from drug gangs. Once the request is made, they must be admitted for a hearing. In the meantime they may be released on some form of bond. Unless checked this could balloon to over 73,000 requests for asylumn for this year. A monumental increase from  even the bad old days of the Cold War, when half the world could be designated as one big jail.

Immigration Law Chess Match?

Is all this in anticipation of the pending immigration bill being debated in Congress? Is the law being used to circumvent the law, while those charged with enforcing the law stand idly by? It is tiresome to see the way our freedom’s have been tied in knots by a government capable or ignoring the law to achieve its political agenda on immigration. From the federal government’s assault on border states trying to defend their borders from criminals, to the refusal to build the wall authorized by Congress, it is hardly a surprise that a free-for-all immitation of this disregard for the law is underway.

This is clearly an organized tactic designed to throw the immigration system into further chaos. And our response once again seems to be, kick the can down the road until forever.

Low Wage Workers Hurt by Immigration Bill

And it gets worse. For while the law can be ignored in some cases by Washington, it can also be enforced with brutal efficiancy against ordinary American citizens. It turns out the immigration bill being discussed would provide certain exemptions from Obamacare requirements for the people entering under the new amnesty proposal. According to Investor’s Business Daily:

“Combined with immigration reform, an ever-more-punitive employer mandate could put substantial pressure on the income of low-wage workers.

“A Congressional Budget Office analysis found that the Senate’s immigration reform bill would modestly restrain wage growth among low-wage earners for a dozen years amid an influx of new immigrants.

“Also, because legalized immigrants wouldn’t be eligible for ObamaCare subsidies for more than a decade under the Senate bill, their employers could minimize fines based on the number of workers who access subsidies.

“Unless the Senate bill — or the employer mandate — is altered, employers would have a growing incentive to employ legalized immigrants as full-timers instead of U.S. citizens or green card holders.

“While it’s not certain that employers would use such a strategy to dodge ObamaCare costs, the potential could grow as the wage-equivalent penalty for subsidized workers increases from $5,000 to $6,000 and beyond.”

Enough Already?

End result, the newcomers will have an edge in getting low paying jobs over ordinary Americans or legal immigrants searching of work. What on earth is going on here? People say we get the government we deserve. Maybe so. But if the lesson the law teaches is that you need not necessarily obey it, and if you do obey it you may be worse off, what reasonable check on unbridled human selfishness can we really expect in the future?

Short Takes

Clean Rodeo Clowns And the Sequester Jesters

  • Did you hear about the rodeo clown who wore the Obama mask? Banned for life. Something about a bull raging at the commander-in-chief. The clown has even had his life threatened. The good news is rodeo clowns in Missouri must now go to sensitivity training before working in the state fair. Sensitivity training for comedians? We’d just be happy if they kept their acts clean. Oh no, wait, that would be censorship.
  • Thankfully there are no clowns in Washington, D.C. Just rough tough rodeo riders, yeh ha, roping the taxpayers and throwing the bull!
  • Remember all the talk about the government not being able to function because of the sequester. It turns out the government is doing fine with sequester. Some agencies have dropped furloughs altogether. Rather than lose pay, they managed to finds other ways to save money. Gee whiz. Now if only the politicians could teach school children to be able to spell sequester.
  • Did you hear about the second grader who heard the older kids say there would be no free condoms at school because of the sequester. Puzzled he asked, hey what’s a sequester?

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