Ed Koch R.I.P.

Ed Koch has gone to  meet his maker. May the Lord have mercy on his soul.

He was quotable.  Here is one nice quote from the former Mayor of New York City: “To be a New Yorker you have to live here for six months, and if at the end of the six months you find you walk faster, talk faster, think faster, you’re a New Yorker.”

He always ended his radio show saying, this is “Ed Koch, your voice of reason.” And in some ways he was. He was a liberal, but he wasn’t a stupid liberal. He was a Jew, but he could act as a friend to the Catholic Church. He chastised those who criticized him for so much as entering a Catholic Church. And at times he defended the church from unfair attacks.

In fact, Ed Koch was at church more often than many cradle Catholics, as American Notebook can attest, where he represented the city as mayor and then himself, at funerals or memorials through the years. He was a regular at Christmas Midnight Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

In fact, he was a friend of the late John Cardinal O’Connor, and frequently visited his grave under St. Patrick’s, where he would leave small stones, a traditional Jewishy sign of respect. He and Cardinal O’Connor wrote a book together, Hizzoner and His Eminence, arguing their different points of view. Maybe now God can settle that argument!

If Ed Koch thought he was wrong, he could admit it. How many politicians ever admit they are wrong anytime? That should be his greatest legacy, an example for all true leaders to follow. And who knows, after his next discussion with his old friend John Cardinal O’Connor, maybe Hizzoner will  have to admit he was wrong again. After all, all of us make mistakes.

Here is Hizzoner in claymation. Ha! This won an Academy Award no less.


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