Jobs and Communism With a Romantic Face

Jobs Council Out of Work

Presidents Job Council is going out of business today. Mission accomplished. Obama kept his job.

Real world drop in unemployment during the Council of Jobs and Competitiveness’ two year life: .6 percent a year, with 12 million still pounding the pavement for work, and millions more completely out of the work force.

Stalingrad vs. Obamagrad?

Volgograd is changing its name back to Stalingrad, at least on the Feb. 2anniversary of the famous WWII battle. In other news, Washington, D.C. will soon by renamed Obamagrad, in honor of all the government workers who graduated to higher pay grades under the O man.

National Dyslexia Day

Is January 31,13 National Dyslexia Day?

Three Cheers for High School Drug Tests

Three cheers for Rockhurst High School in Kansas City, which will institute random drug tests of students using hair samples. Kinda like what real-world companies do? If taxpayers are going to be forced to pay for government schools, why shouldn’t they at least be sure they aren’t wasting money on stoned out, tuned out students? What next, testing teachers? Hats off to all those long suffering teachers who are expected to “learn” students who’s consumption of performance retarding drugs makes it an exercise in futility. Expect Acid Civil Liberties Union to ask for an injunction. The stoned leading the stoned.

Communism with a Romantic Face?

Mucho Macho Russian Man,  President Vladamir Putin, is doing what all men around the world should be doing, promoting family and high birth rates. His latest gambit: To invite the rock group Boyz II Men to boost up the national testosterone for Valentine’s Day. The hope is to have more Russians come November 14th. Some of these mothers might even win a refrigerator. Although religion does more to provide the spirit of love, hope and sacrifice needed to bring forth and support new life, this is a start. So give this Communist an A for effort. After all, if something isn’t done quickly, the Russian people will go the way of the Goths and Visigoths, minor footnotes in the annals world history.

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