40 Years in the Desert of Abortion

Fighting the Gospel of Hopelessness

A trip to Washington for the March for Life 2013 is a journey in contrasts. 500,000 happy, positive and enthusiastic young people, in the midst of a few thousands aging, unhappy and unrelentingly negative pro-death politicians.  These walking cadavers are still hawking their tired panacea that fewer people mean fewer problems. Aborting their future constituents will solve so many ills, they argue. Really?

Yes, Gospel of Hopelessness always precedes the Culture of Death. And the death business is alive and well on the government reservation. But, hope teaches us one unforgetable lesson: Evil always seems to be its strongest and most glorious, before it collapses into the nothingness out of which it came.

Consider the Words of St. Thomas Aquinas

“If evil were taken away from some parts of the universe, then much of its perfection would disappear, for its beauty arises from the orderly union of good and evil, while evil springs from the waning away of good. Nevertheless, by the foresight of the governor of the universe, good follows from evil just as the song receives its sweetness from the interval of silence.”

A Song of Life Will Follow the Silent Scream of the Pre-Born Children

A brief visit for the Students for Life gathering in Maryland, on the day after the March for Life, was a stunning reminder of how creative and innovative God is in raising up young people to correct the errors of their elders. Even the main stream media is catching on, with feature article in Time Magazine and the Washington Post which examined the growing strength of pro-life sentiment in the younger generation.

Is sentiment enough to institute change? No, but it can set the stage. There are already incremental changes underway, with over 600 abortion restriction implemented by state legislatures. The number of days between live premature births and most abortions is shrinking. A critical shift in opinion is growing. The challenge will come when people who are pro-life face the hard decision to burn their bridges behind them and push to end the national addiction to abortion. There has to be a consensus to accept hard cases, and avoid trite loopholes, like the claimed mental health of the mother. After all, does an abortion suddenly  cure mental illness? Or is that just an easy way to create a subjective standard allowing pro-abortion doctors to ply their lucrative trade unhindered by either law or reason?

Emulate the Pro-Life Tradition of  Ireland

The example of still pro-life Ireland is compelling. It has an infant mortality rate light years ahead of the United States, and no legal abortions. The myth that abortion promotes health must be exploded once and for all. Thankfully, the “waning of the good” that came out of the 1960s cultural revolution is coming to an end, and a new pro life generation is creating new beachheads in the battle to restore legal protection to the unborn. Expect big changes ahead.

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