Time Has Come to Tax Abortion

Supreme Court Opens the Door for Abortion Taxation

In one of the most wrongheaded ruling by any Supreme Court at any time, five of the justices, peculiarly including Chief Justice of the United States John Roberts, have ruled that Obama Care is a legal tax. It did this despite the fact that President Obama continues to deny that it is a tax, and that it was never presented as a piece of tax legislation in Congress. The court, perhaps turning Justice Scalia’s penchant for textualism (sticking strictly to the meaning of a law’s text while disregarding any expressed legislative intent) on its head found that, yes, it is a tax. Thus the highest court in the land has ruled that health related activity and health related inactivity are legitimate subjects for taxation.

Tyranny Thy Name is Tax

The silver lining? Since it is the law of the land that personal health related matters can be taxed, the immediate response of those who want to protect all human life from conception to natural death is, why not pass a national abortion tax? If you want to make something “safe, legal and rare” to quote President Bill Clinton, then taxing it will do more to make it rare than any other measure. Any economist worth his 401 (k) will tell you, tax something and you will get less of it. So if you truly want abortion to be rare – tax it. Simple.

 Recoup Tax Revenues Lost from 54 Million Abortions

There is also a secondary, but very legitimate public policy goal, to be achieved by the tax. Since Roe v. Wade, there have been approximately 54 million abortions. That means there are 54 million fewer taxpayers and consumers, not to mention free citizens, contributing their fair share to the common good. Yes, not all would be productive citizens. But given that they would primarily be producers and consumers (24 million would now be between 20 and 40) they would certainly represent a great financial asset. Is not consumer advertising primarily targeted to these prime financial contributors? Financially speaking, they represent a greater asset than the current crop of baby boomer retirees, who have now reached the end of the payroll tax and wealth distribution cycle envisioned by the New Deal and Great Society (Social Security and Medicare being a tax on workers that is redistributed to retirees).

 Abortax, Thy Name is Fairness

To put this in the rhetorical context of the Obama presidential campaign, parents who abort their children are not contributing their fair share towards tax revenues. Their decision to abort is costing the country trillions in tax dollars. It takes little imagination to realize all the income taxes, Social Security payroll taxes, Medicare taxes, sales taxes and property taxes lost to federal, state and local governments by abortion. The numbers are huge. In addition, the actions of these parents slow economic growth, drastically reducing long-term consumption and production. An abortion tax is in fairness the least parents should be asked to pay for all the trillions of taxes lost through the abortion loophole. This does not even take into consideration the millions of cars GM (Government Motors) could have been sold to those 20 to 40 year olds, or the other goods and services that could have been sold, or all the man-hours of work left undone by the missing generation. A $100, $200, $300 abortion tax would be a small price to pay for all the revenues lost to taxpayers. Each abortion costs a life-time of tax revenues.

Action Needed Now

The time is now. Tax abortion and tax it now. This tax will reduce the number of abortions, which both pro-life and pro-abortion forces claim they want. And it will recoup for the federal treasury a small fraction of all the trillions of dollars in tax revenues lost since 1973.

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