“Invisible” March for Life Marks 39th Year

There was a time in Poland when people of faith were invisible. They just didn’t exist – at least not officially. Then the steel-worker town of Nova Huta, a planned city without a church, was built. And slowly, surely, the people of faith who didn’t exist, began to gather for Christmas Midnight Mass in a field where a church should have been. Well those non-existent people continued not to exist for a long, long time. And then one day, they suddenly mattered. This was after their bishop, who later became John Paul II, had lead them in prayer, year after year.

Those who spoke truth to power could not be dislodged, and in the end the church was built. And then, one day, after years of non-existence, seemingly overnight, the people mattered again and the entire structure of evil that had Poland in its grip collapsed, disappearing into the non-being from which it had come.

In the United States 300,000 non-existing people  gather each year in January to lobby Congress for life. To the media and the political masters of the status quo they do not exist. Yes, the culture of abortion rules safely and serenely, or so it seems. These hundreds of thousands of “non-existents” speaking truth to power seem a hopeless lot. They are as invisible as the unborn children they represent. In a land where media is everywhere, here it is not to be found. A blackout as thorough as any censorship prevails. Such is the dictatorship of relativism. But as we approach 40 years in the desert of desolation that is abortion, a point of no return is approaching.

The people who have been called to be faithful, not successful, may soon be successful as well. It is the abortion power in the media and government which is ultimately destined to disappear, as all structures of evil are destined to do. It will disappear as the evil it hides from view becomes manifest to more and more people. Has it taken too long? Yes. Will victory come in God’s time to those who are faithful. The answer is a resounding yes. We who do not yet exist will exist soon enough. And the children we represent will be spared. The voice of the “non-existents” will shake the very foundations of the culture of death, as long as we continue to be faithful.

People Are Changing Their Minds

Here is a small example of the change that is taking place, one person at a time. The truth spoken in charity is an irresistible force that cannot be ignored. For many the tension is too great between a culture that professes to care for all humanity while ignoring the unborn. A house divided cannot stand. As the word spreads from one person to the next the truth that is hiding in plain sight manifests itself.

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