Study and The Example of the Early Christians

If we make God the motive of all we do, we will enrich all that we do.

The Role of Study in Becoming More Human

Study is not strictly a norm of piety, but an essential virtue that goes hand in hand with piety. Our examination of conscience should look at questions such as, “What effort have I put into using my time well?” Do I make the time to study “to increase my professional prestige.”

Why study? Because we haven’t finished growing. It keeps us young; keeps us growing; keeps us human. There are many things worthy of study. From protecting marriage to how to set that flashing alarm clock. It is not just academic disciplines.  We study so we change for the better, become more Christ like.

Things we study: a) the spirit of what it means to be Christian, we always need to be growing in our Christian formation so that it is always fresh b) teachings of the Catholic Church. “Ignorance is the greatest enemy of faith.” St. Jerome said, “Ignorance of scripture is ignorance of Christ.” This knowledge will help us help others. C) to be up-to-date. We don’t despise the world, we love it and need to keep current with all that is worthwhile. D) culture, this is the patrimony of mankind through the ages. “I also read literature because words are the clothing” which help bring doctrine to the common man without being common. Benedict XVI has said that language is important, because God spoke to us in human language. It is something God himself uses with us.

It is good to have a list of articles or books to study on vacation or when time is slack. We can study foreign languages, memorize poetry, even study trees and flowers. There are many horizons worthy of study that will make us more human and better Christians.

The Early Christians As Role Models for Today’s Believers

We are called to live the life of those early Christians. This reference applies mostly to those who were not the immediate followers of Christ, the people with personal experience of Him during his life on earth. It refers more to those who lived in the six centuries following. They, like us, had to witness based on what had been passed on to them by teaching and example, not things directly seen. They operated in an environment in which personal initiative was paramount. The structure of the visible church had yet to spread as it has today. It was through their prayer, sacrifice, personal example, their prestige as workers, their friendships, and their ability to speak with others in an atmosphere of warmth, sincerity and trust, that enabled Christianity to spread to the corners of the Roman world and beyond.  It did so in spite of obstacles as great, or greater, than any we face today. Attacks on human life and the family, injustice, poverty and war, attacks on religion, were problems then as they are now. Yet Christianity spread in that hostile milieu, just as it can in ours, using the basic means of prayer, sacrifice and personal apostolate used by those first Christians.

Immaculate Conception Novena Begin Nov. 30th

The novena to the Immaculate Conception began Nov. 30th. Our Lady, under the title of the Immaculate Conception, is the patroness of the United States. With so many struggling to survive here there is certainly a lot to pray for! Here is an example of a prayer that can be used in this novena found at the Rosary Center . There are many other good novena prayers available. Let us entrust all we do individually and as a people to Our Lady.

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