Order Is a Needed Virtue Comprised of Small Steps

Is there anyone who does not struggle on a daily basis with order? Order is something fully human and fully divine. It is something heroic. But it is made up of small steps. Pray, plan and do things. We don’t float to heaven. You need a plan. That means order in small steps to a goal. And if I am not orderly, I can do nothing. It is not a question of super-rigidity. But you should know the answer to the question, what am I to do next? Then pace yourself.

St. Josemaria squeezed himself out like a lemon each day, but with peace. Cardinal Ratzinger, in The Ratzinger Report, spoke about order and efficiency and commented that coming from Germany, where efficiency is highly prized, he could actually say that in sunny Italy you can accomplish a great deal, maybe even more, if you keep moving within the pace of life.  After all, unless we are focusing on people with love we are wasting our time anyway.

The Value of Today

Today! Mañana is not our way. One task after another, short term, one day at a time. Don’t think too much about tomorrow. Tomorrow is the adverb of the defeated. Work on regularity in the plan of life, which is a plan for advancing in the spiritual life that includes time for prayer, spiritual reading, etc., While demanding, it should fit each person like a glove.  Having a plan of life: that is practical order. In that plan, continue to pray for vocations, and to put love into your work, turning it into prayer. Love is the foundation of order.

An Idea for Those Who Cannot Sleep

We just passed the feast of Albert the Great – a man who loved to study. He was the teacher of Thomas Aquinas. The Summa Theologica is a good book to read, bit by bit, if you can’t sleep at night. To download a copy here is one source: Summa Theologica. To download a complete library including this and other documents go to Biblia Clerus. There are other sources as well.

Christ the King and the Sacred Heart

Sunday was the Feast of Christ the King, a good time to renew your consecration and devotion to the Sacred Heart. It is from this heart that He rules.

Here is one such consecration among many that are available: Consecration to the Sacred Heart.

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