7 Billion and Shrinking

With the birth of the 7 billionth baby on planet earth this November, the cry went out about so-called “out of control population growth rates.” Such is the charge made by an aging chorus of population fear-mongers, those wealthy cave dwellers of the upper East Side and Cambridge and their allies in that East River glass cigar box stuffed with fakes, phonies and frauds, the United Nations. Not only is their rant not true, it is the opposite of the truth.

Fertility Rates Matter

The people who know how to do the math and understand fertility cycles know that planet earth is headed for Niagara-like drops in population in the coming generations. China’s One-Child policy over the last 30 years has already depleted planet earth of a population the equivalent of the United States: Children murdered by a blood-thirsty Communist/Capitalist cabal Hell bent on destroying their own people. Such self-loathing is hard to fathom, but it is slowly dawning on younger leaders that India will surpass China as the world’s largest nation/ethnic group. India has also gone the wrong way on population “policy,” but China’s merciless brutality of forced abortion is unparallelled in the annals of history. At the same time, it is no wonder the geniuses in Peking/Beijing are equally Hell bent on destroying the minute Catholic Church in their country. Such hollow men have so little being, they know that even a breath from a few faithful, poor men and women who know how to pray might threaten to bring down their whole materialistic house of cards.

United Nations Population Study Fakes Numbers

The irony is the United Nations population gurus have just issued a report, using a phony factor of two children per family applied equally to every nation on earth, to continue their scare mongering about overpopulation. Skeptical observers, who know these numbers are so overstated as to be patently absurd, realize that if these U.N. bureaucrats entered the real numbers, it would become obvious that real long term population growth was impossible. No fear mongering, no job. Then they and their chauffeurs, entourages, and sycophants in the diplomatic corps would no longer be needed. Think of all the parties they would miss.

Steve Mosher Interview on 7 Billionth Baby

Check out this 7 minute interview with Steve Mosher, the man who was expelled from China, and scorned by academia, for exposing the one-child policy. He is also the man  who pointed out that the computer models used to implement this slaughter were funded in part by grants from Planned Parenthood’s international fund. Mosher gives a very level headed look at the future prospects and explains why the growth of ” human capital, ” which is the most important kind of capital, is at risk. Steve Mosher Interview on Current Population Trends.

  1 comment for “7 Billion and Shrinking

  1. Richard
    November 20, 2011 at 11:36 pm

    Interesting topic. Thanks for the link to the Mosher interview.

    It makes one think: The next time a New York Sunday Times subscriber from the Upper East Side (or the Upper West Side for that matter) says something like, “China/India/fill-in-the-blank has too many people and cannot sustain itself,” you can always reply, “You mean, like Manhattan?” Then watch the deer-in-the-headlights look on their faces as they realize that, strictly speaking, square mile for square mile, you’re absolutely right. Manhattan has no substantial water reservoirs, no dairy farms, no cattle ranches, and yet no one (at least not from the Upper East Side or the Upper West Side) is suggesting that it is overpopulated and that its population needs to be, um, “limited” or “managed”…

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