Obama Losing the Catholic Vote

Nice piece in the Washington Post about how the Obama administration is at war with Catholics. This, one supposes, is only news to those who sincerely believed that Obama had a shred of sincerity in his dealings with Catholics. (And nice job to the “Washington Compost” gremlins for putting an anti-Catholic cartoon on the webpage with the pro-Catholic opinion piece! ) Yes, the president/emperor doesn’t have any clothes and never did, but the fact that the beating Obama has been giving to the Catholic Church has even made news in the mainstream media is in itself news. Probably it has been noticed because it is proving to be one more nail in Obama’s political coffin. I guess the Democrats believe a little PR before election day will take care of that. Those Catholics are too dumb to remember you’ve been slapping them around for the previous three years, right?

Health Care as a Tool Against the Church

Bottom line is the ink wasn’t dry on so called health care reform than the word wizards were twisting it in all kinds of ways A) to destroy citizens private health care options B) to use it as a final solution for destroying those nasty Catholic health care institutions. It does this by denying Catholics the right to invoke the conscience clause in the legislation, which would exempt them from committing immoral acts. They are the only grass still growing between the cracks in the New World Order parking lot.  People like Kathleen Sebelius, and her confreres at the U.N., are working day and night to pave over the whole landscape with their sterile anti-life ideological blacktop. As the old Irish would put it, they want Catholics to take the soup, a reference to free soup with meat in it offered to starving Catholics on Fridays.

In this case, the government insists that no one may hold that life is sacred. Ideology is, after all, defined as knowing the “answer” without benefit of philosophical or practical reason being applied to the facts of the case. The role of the Government/Media spin machine is to recolor “facts” so they “conform” to the ideological answer they have already decided on. A great way to lose a horse race and a better way to lose a country.

Conscience is a great enemy to ideology, because it insists on deciding and making choices based on how a thing conforms to reality.

Supreme Court A Ray of Hope?

The good news is the Supreme Court will be hearing in-depth arguments on health care legislation. The bad news is the Supreme Court will be hearing in-depth arguments on health care legislation. Justice Elena Kagan, who has not recused herself, appears to have been an adviser on the very legislation she will be sitting in judgement upon. Once again, some of the Supremes will be playing at being legislators instead of justices interpreting the law. If she gave any input on this law to her old boss, President Obama, she should have the decency to step aside on this case right now.

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