Personhood Ammendment Fails in Mississippi

It seems the verbal engineers didn’t wait for a court date to try and distort the pro-life issue of human personhood as it was placed on the ballot in Mississippi. Despite strong support from party leaders, Initiative 26 didn’t get the votes needed to pass. The old canards were trotted out to derail what is a perfectly rational argument, that a human person is a person from conception to natural death. As opposed to fish, who we all know become elephants at some point between conception and natural death. Well you see the point. But the work of abortion magicians is always to keep your eye on something other than their gruesome business while they do their slight of hand. The dopiest of these was the argument that the state would lose tax revenues, because unborn children would then have the right to be counted as dependents before they were born and that would cost revenue. Simon Legree, please hunt down those escaping tax slaves, better they should be dead and never pay taxes.

Voters Need Serious Education on Life Issues

The bottom line is pro-life arguments are terra incognito to most voters, so their resolve crumbles under the slightest challenge. This is a general problem in all modern soundbite driven politics. Politicians are marketed saying as little as possible about what their positions are, so their supporters can hardly get ginned up defending those positions. The other problem is human weakness. In principle people oppose abortion, but aren’t so confident they don’t want to leave it as an escape hatch in case they face a problem from contraceptive failure. This is the classic materialistic lukewarmness of the sunshine patriot. These folks want life defended without cost, and fundamentally see children as potential societal burdens, not overwhelming net assets.

They still fail to see that the current economic collapse is the fruit of these anti-natalist views.  No consumers, no economic growth – duh. Unless people become positively pro-child in this country, pro-life initiatives will trip over all kinds of irrelevant obstacles. There is clearly no genuine love of life driving many faux pro-life voters, and it shows.  And shame on those pastors who fell for all the pro-abortion folderol. These are clerical blind guides whom abortion forces and their marketing agencies in New York love to trot out at opportune times to mislead the people.

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