Mississippi Challenges Abortion Establishment

Most people have heard almost nothing of what seems like an amazing state constitutional referendum in Mississippi. If it passes, it will define as persons “every human being from the moment of fertilization, cloning or the equivalent thereof.” Presumably that includes all unborn children – even those monstrously cloned. Its passage seems likely, according to people who track these things. That it will end up in court, if it passes, is guaranteed. And then what?

Verbal Engineers Will Attack

Some attorney will begin by bringing in the verbal engineers and their wrecking ball. All attacks on life by lawyers representing social deconstructionists defy all that is common in common sense. Maybe we should just have these sophists cut to the chase and stipulate that no one is actually human – ever. After all, if life is not a right, if personhood doesn’t exist as a sacred human reality from conception, then actual biological existence is only randomly tolerated based on some bizarre genetic lottery and arcane grants of existence by the courts. This would make us mere biological renegades, lost, as Walker Percy would say, in the cosmos.

Lets hope the voters of Mississippi send this challenge off to the Federal government. It is a very well crafted law that directly defies the whole structure of abortion by judicial fiat. If it does nothing more than return the issue to the states, as was the case prior to 1973, it will have done something important.

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