The Rosary and Work Well Done

How can we become sowers of peace and joy? Here are some tips that can help.

October, The Month of the Rosary

1. Holy Rosary:  As we move through October it is good to recall a norm that should not just be done, but done well. In accordance with vocal prayers, be mindful of what you are doing with deliberation and attention; focus to avoid distraction – perhaps by adding an intention for each decade, or focusing on a particular word in the vocal prayer; contemplate the mysteries – it is the soul of the prayer; recall the strength of the rosary in life’s battles; be generous with the rosary, how and when you say it.

Spirit of Service in Work

2. Right intention and a spirit of service in our work. Thinking of others in our work is a way to happiness. Work is a divine duty. Work is how we realize ourselves as human beings. It is the specific way of our calling. Steps: Sanctify your work – doing it well; sanctify yourself your work – offering it to God; sanctify others through your work – let it be apostolate by example and a means of dealing with others and gaining prestige to attract others to Christ. We prove our intention by little things. Test of being off-track a) we are  motivated by human consideration b) we neglect little things (order, punctuality, failing to double check our work, such as emails, for accuracy) c) we neglect family life – which is a disorder in your priorities d) you are not using your work for apostolate. Instead of looking outward, you make it too focused on self. Piety in this area means having a spirit of service.

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