Lightning Considerations – Prayer and Reality

From the Notebook 4th week of August, 2011.

  • Everything we do depends on our prayer. What Jesus accomplishes is tied directly to his life of prayer. It is His foundation. We read in the Gospel He started before dawn to look at things serenely in the presence of God. Tell me, what is needed now?
  • In prayer of petition we submit to God in our weakness. By the fact that we ask for help we are saying we can’t do it all ourselves. Petition, rather than a commanding action, is a humble act in which we express our weakness by the simple act that we ask for something.
  • In prayer we also can make reparation for our faults and those of others. Islamic taxi drivers in New York recently protested at the offensive ads they were sometimes required to drive around with on their cabs. Reparation for things that offend God requires a certain sensitivity to God as a person – who like any person can be offended.
  • Our belief does not create reality. San Francisco exists whether I believe it or not.  Supernatural realities likewise exist and prayer helps us see and understand them. It is the telescope that helps us see the stars. Saying you cannot see the stars without looking in the telescope makes little sense.
  • We need to see the virtues as an aid to upright living, not just an escape from penal consequences. Prayer is a virtue that is developed by repetition. Daily time and place for it can help support the virtue. Does prayer have a practical influence on my life? Can I look back on my day and see that I haven’t wasted time? Stay awake, it would be a tragedy to miss God’s presence. 🙂

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