Detour – There’s a Stormy Road Ahead

With a hat tip to the old Leon Russell and Willie Nelson song “Detour,”  we don’t do weather here at American Notebook, so you are on your own to get ready. Here is hoping and praying you have electricity and all the good things that come from nuclear power! 🙂

In the meantime, Mellisablogs has a very comprehensive look at everything that could go wrong and how to deal with it. It is all from someone who lived through the whole Houston Hurricane debacle. Enjoyed point “10. – Guns and ammo.” Not something they probably carry at the local Waldbaums Supermarket – maybe people should try Whole Foods. Of course, I don’t think the concept would go over well with Mayor Bloomberg of NYC! New York ain’t Texas.

Columbus and the Hurricane of ’38

The 24 hours news-cycle always hypes weather. Yet if you look back there are many stories about how things worked out when you had to use your wits to predict these things. One can recall the story of Columbus’s struggles to save his ships in the Caribbean when he sensed an impending “horrible tempest”  as the natives called it. The governor and other sea captains ignored his warnings and virtually lost all. So much for all the detractors then, and now, of the great Admiral of the Ocean Seas.

So what can we learn from history? Here is how things looked in Long Island after the hurricane of ’38.

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