Christopher Shays Running for U.S. Senate in CT – Why Not Scott Frantz?

Former Congressman Christopher Shays, the last old guard House Rinos (Republican in name only) in New England to be tossed out on his ear, is now mounting a comeback. With typical Rino logic he wants to parlay being voted out as a House member, to being voted in as a Senator from Connecticut. A likeable man, he combines the mental and philosophical temperament that makes him something of a cross between Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy and Vice President Joe Biden, (on Biden’s good days). He was so determined to be “independent” that he became independent of his job. He advised the candidate who ran for his seat in the last election cycle to refuse to take a no-tax pledge. That esteemed candidate went down to defeat. Now Mr. Shays wants to return to Washington by following some of his own advise. We’d ignore this, except this is the state that threw out Sen. Lowell Weicker, only to return him as governor, where he paid back his old political constituency by implementing a state income tax. Can we expect more of the same in Connecticut?

An Alternative: Scott Frantz

There is an attractive alternative. State Sen. L. Scott Frantz of Fairfield County is an attractive leader, who has all the tools to make an excellent candidate. He is smart, successful and down to earth. People like him. His recent letter to constituents said, “I stand by the belief that state spending has gone well beyond taxpayer’s ability or willingness to pay for it, and that we can not tax our way out of recession.” And believe it or not, he is a New England Republican. Calvin Coolidge call your office, there is a growing cadre of pro-growth Republicans in New England. Frantz is not a candidate, but in the opinion of this page, he should be.

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