Andrea Lynn Cianflone Sings “The Girl in 14G”

Not too long ago a singer sat accused in the TV court of the once all-powerful Simon Phillip Cowel. Without benefit of defense attorney, jury, or peer review, the power having clearly gone to Cowel’s head, he handed down his sentence that her voice had committed Opera. Said singer, Andrea Lynn Cianflone was to be cast into exterior darkness. She, having a name ending in a vowel, decided she was going to give as good as she got, and despite the great man’s verdict, continue on rejecting his rejection. Having ignored him, her latest effort is commendable and fun. But rather than prejudge it, we will let you, the members of the jury in this court of appeal, decide this matter for yourselves.

Pianist Ben Baker, “The Girl in 14G” Music by Jeanine Tesori/Lyrics by Dick Scanlan, That’s
Music to My Ears, Ltd. (ASCAP)/Thoroughly Modern Music Publishing Co. (ASCAP)

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