The Libyan Debacle

American participation in the war in Libya is a disgrace on many levels. Leaving aside the question of its constitutionality (make war first, consult Congress maybe later?), there is the question of American honor. Should Qaddafi be ousted, it will be a Pyrrhic victory, as personally disastrous for President Obama as the ouster of the Vietnamese leader (by internal assassination no less) was to President Kennedy and his reputation as leader. Is it true, even in a larger historical setting, that what goes around comes around? All too often, yes. The point here is simple. The U.S. convinced Libya’s leader to give up his nuclear program and come back into the civilized fold and participate in the current, and collapsing, “Pax” Americana. He did so. Never mind that the man was, and is, a bum. Now we are moving heaven and earth to become the efficient cause in throwing this bum out. So the lesson is: If you are a bum and the United States negotiates with you to give up your nuclear weapons, you can feel confident in doing so? Obama and Clinton aren’t playing chess, they are barely playing checkers.  And who will be reaping the whirlwind on this one? To quote the Obama’s now infamous former pastor Reverend Wright, when will these chickens come home to roost?

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