Rupert Murdoch and Predictions of His Future

Here is a very interesting story by Nat Hentoff about the scandal swirling around scandal monger Rupert Murdoch, or “dad” as we laborers in his vast vineyard were won’t to call him back in the day. After all, he kept the food on the table. When Rupert Murdoch Was My Boss . It would be sad if some the good people who work for him today lost their jobs because of the issues related to this story. I’m not fully convinced by Mr. Hentoff’s argument here that Murdoch had to have known all. I can recall seeing a news profile of the great man in which he was seen carrying a briefcase and entering the building where we worked. All of my co-workers laughed. He was the last person we expected to see strutting in. Times change and his involvement on the micro-level may have passed by then. I somehow doubt Murdoch would jeopardize all by getting into the details of his empire’s sausage making.  Ted Kennedy once forced Murdoch to sell the New York Post as revenge for that paper’s less than flattering coverage of the great senator. (Kennedy introduced a law, aimed directly at Murdoch, that limited  TV/cable licensing and newspaper ownership, I believe.) Eventually Murdoch bought the paper back, when it was once again at death’s door. But I noticed a distinct change in news coverage the second time around. New personnel? Perhaps. Or maybe it was Murdoch the business man staying clear of the “law,” which in Washington these days is just a synonym for power. Now, a new generation of Kennedy wannabes are busy on the chase, hoping for a repeat of their hero’s triumph.

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