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Here is where a former newspaperman,G.A.Byrnes (Greg), and his imaginary friends open their notebooks and write about America, the world, and yes the cosmos. What is written is based on what is thought, seen and imagined. Ideally this will be done with charity, a respect for the truth, and a predilection for spoof and Tom foolery. Although on occasion verbal assault and battery may be called for as the most merciful form of justice. Like most journalistic enterprises, this website will be a composite of fact and fiction and is expected to be be factual about 35% of the time. Unlike other publications, here you are inform of this fact, so reader beware. The authors are not to be trusted, especially in the way they mangle the American language and English grammar. Apologies in advance. As for any theological errors, these also are hereby repudiated in advance as being the fruit of haste, ignorance or both. Roma locuta est, causa finita est. Please verify all with trusted sources. User judgement is strongly advised. Personal freedom encouraged.

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